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Anaïs Llorens, PhD

Assistant Project Scientist in Cognitive Neuroscience

Knight Lab, University of California Berkeley

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My research focuses on the interface between cognitive models and brain mechanisms, with a main emphasis on understanding interference in working memory and prediction in language.

My research is based on behavioral and electrophysiological experiments using EEG and intraEEG, conducted with healthy and pathological populations.

I am also actively engaged in promoting equity and diversity in STEM.



Llorens A.*, Tzovara A.*, + 41 authors, Knight RT., Dronkers NF. [*First authorship shared]. Gender bias in academia: a lifetime problem that needs solutions. Neuron


Llorens A., Funderud I., Blenkmann OA., Lubell J., Foldal M., Leske S., Huster R., Meling T., Knight RT., Solbakk AK., Endestad T.

Preservation of interference effects in working memory after orbitofrontal damage. Front. Hum.


Llorens A., Dubarry AS., Trébuchon A., Chauvel P., Alario FX., Liégeois-Chauvel C.

Contextual modulation of hippocampal activity during picture naming. Brain Lang

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